Thursday, May 30, 2013

Free to a good home

Actually, I'll pay you to take my children. My knitting night at my place was somewhat disturbed by two enfants, truly terrible.

No, they're not that bad, but their refusal to go to bed until 9:50 and 10:40 respectively was somewhat trying. It also meant I managed sweet Fanny Adams on my BFF cowl. I did manage to hand over the 221B beanie to Jon, and Chantal and I spent too long trying to pick out jewellery from the Gatsby collection at Tiffany & Co. Who needs a house when they can have a tiara?

So today is back to slogging it out on Marcus' green jumper. I need sixty rows of stocking stitch until the sleeves start, then it'll be fifty rows of too many stitches. That takes up a LOT of knitting time. I can feel my right hand starting to cramp at the thought. If I get desperate I can always pat Lolli, though.

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SapphireBlue said...

I totally get it. I have some of those days too. Sometimes, I would be willing to throw in a free husband too...LOL!