Friday, May 31, 2013

Stupid plan, really

I thought I was being clever. If I avoided all the front pages of Pinterest, and concentrated on sorting all my stuff out, I'd be set. Less mindless browsing, more free time to knit, right?

Idiot. Moron. Cretan.

I need to make so many more things!

 I need a Princess Leia beanie!

I have twenty balls of royal blue wool. I need a TARDIS cardigan - a TARDIgan!

Felix needs these Iron Man glovsies!

I need to crochet Dot a massive crochet blanket for her bed - granny ripple, maybe?

Breathe, you eejit.



Right now I think I need less coffee and much less Pinterest. More books on tape and to cast on the sleeves for Marcus' green jumper.

* It is a pretty cool Tardigan, though.


SapphireBlue said...

It is very dangerous! I try to avoid pinterest and Ravelry search most of the time

trishie said...

Love that Princess Leia beanie! So awesome.