Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Cold Snap

The temperature has dropped dramatically here in Melbourne. Early morning is a struggle to get out of bed, usually because there are two children lying on top of us.

This morning on my walk I felt like Cathy on the moors.

Only thing you need in weather like this is a biiiiig thick jumper, and boy do I have a doozy for you.

My mum started this jumper when she was pregnant with my sister Bronwyn. Next month Bronwyn turns 49. My mother very nicely asked me to finish this jumper a while ago, and I finally got around to it this month.

The jumper needed the ends sewn in on the motif, sleeves picked up and knitted down, and the neckband picked up and knitted. I tried doing the neck last year (before the sleeves) and gave it up.

I finished the jumper last week and the neck was DREADFUL. It stood up oddly and turned me into a salty pirate, curse-wise. I frogged it back, picked up half the stitches between the front decreases and center back and it went much better. I forgot how wide mid-sixties necklines were on jumpers. Very Ann Margaret.

So, 49 years later, it's all done and handed over. My mum is so happy with the end result, and now she's decided to pass it along to Bronwyn's daughter Ashlee. My niece gets cold really easily and as a very pale blonde she's going to look fantastic in it.

Personally, I think I should have kept it.

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