Friday, April 10, 2015

I want to knit everything

It's autumn and I want to knit everything. The time to plan my autumn/winter wardrobe is upon me and I'm getting itchy fingers.

There's an amazing beret that has to be made asap.

It reads "I heart someone with autism" and "Someone with autism hearts me". I suspect a few friends will be putting in orders, right Jonathan?

I really need fingerless gloves. What? 6am is cold and I'm getting old. Also, I don't have any gloves at all, as I finally threw out my old red ones after ruthlessly saving the 42 nacre buttons they had. Looks like gloves are heading up my list.

Then there's jumpers.

I have the pattern and some lovely cream 10ply from Bendigo for this jumper and it was on my to do list, but then this free pattern appeared from Untangling Knots.

The fact that I have a massive girl crush on the designer, Andi, has nothing to do with it.

You can't blame me.

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