Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Smug satisfaction

There are times when I finish a project and I'm okay with it. It's nothing spectacular, it's wearable, I'm okay with it. Then there are times where I'm pretty bloody chuffed with it, say a really nice cardigan, or fancy socks.

Then there's today.

I have finished Marcus' blanket and it is #@$%ing glorious.

I started this January 31, 2013. It has 36 balls of wool in it. It cost...never mind that bit.

I thought I'd never get it finished, but I did. It was a LOT of work and I'm more than a little proud of it.

But the best part? The bit that made me so happy I could cry? I spread it out on Marcus' bed and called him in to see it.

He  threw his arms out and cried "Oh, it's a rainbow!"

And every thread sewn in, every hand cramp, every second was worth it.

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Sonia said...

It's beautiful Andrea!