Monday, April 06, 2015

Well, that's over

Easter is done. Good Friday was spent in the sunshine at the park with the kidlets and all was lovely. Saturday I escaped for OVER 12 HOURS. BLISS.

I spent the day with Joannah and Lea, which Joannah christened "Fleece and Flounce Day" due to a combination of knitting (me), spinning (Joannah) and crochet (all of us) and various costume dramas. I can't thank Felix enough for letting me escape, I really can't. Sheer bliss.

Easter Sunday had a very rude awakening: the sound of Dot being violently unwell. Marcus managed to make it to the family celebrations, but the rest of us just stayed put. It was incredibly unfun, even if Marcus brought home a bucket-load of chocolate.

So another Easter is over and I can pack all of my decorations away, including my finished Easter bunting.

I didn't get a chance to hang it up. Maybe next year.

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