Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Just do it, already

I dislike exercise. By dislike I mean hate, but I'm still going to do it. Dislike every second of it, but do it all the same. I like my current wardrobe and I'd like to keep wearing it, so exercise has to happen.

Every morning I drop Dot off at school and then drive off to the regarding basin near my house.

It's a lovely walk. Every man and his dog are there, literally as it's the local dog walk, but I can ignore them. The lake usually has a few ducks in it, and the puppies try to attack them, which is highly amusing.

I walk down the path, get to the end and turn 180° and walk back. It's not a particularly challenging walk but as I'm not after a challenge, that's okay.

It's chilly out so I made a set of fingerless mitts to match my hat (while sobbing through "Anne of Green Gables"). Easy pattern, just plain knitting with a thumbhole. Same yarn as my hat, nice and lumpy and woolly and WARM.

Plus they make picking up tv towers easier.

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