Friday, April 24, 2015

Future cramping

I've managed quite a bit since Wednesday.

1. Ripped back the neck of the ski jumper again. This jumper is a major thorn in my side, but I really want it done before the end of the month, so I'll try it again.

2. I needed knitting on Wednesday night, as Felix and I were off to see Avengers 2 in Gold Class. Comfy chair + Joss Whedon movie = perfect knitting time. So I whipped up a garter stitch scarf to wear on my dreaded morning walk. Avengers was brilliant, by the way. A comedy with action bits. Awesome.

3. I managed to cut my finger. I think it's a paper cut, not really a big deal, right? Wrong.

This is how I cast on, long tail method. The wool is constantly scraping over the cut at high speeds. It hurts a lot. So it looks like any new projects will have to wait.

4. Good thing too, because I picked up a project from a customer yesterday. It's a little shrug that needs a collar picked up. Shouldn't be too hard. First pick up 300 stitches. Eventually - after 33 rows of rib and increasing - there are 600 stitches. Now knit another 10 rows and cast off.

I'm doomed.

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