Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cold weather = stiff hands

The current cold snap has put quite a crimp in my knitting plans. Whenever the cold hits my right hand knuckles pack up and start whinging and I also appear to have knitter's elbow in my left arm. If there is such a thing. If not, I shall make it up on Wikipedia.

However, all is not lost. I have completed the fingerless gloves for (big breath) my mum's best friend's birthday present and they're getting picked up tomorrow after a wine soaked luncheon. I love wine soaked lunches with my parents, especially when I'm broke and unemployed. The gloves look great, but I can't try them on properly because they're a tad too tight around my chunky little knuckles. I have over large hands and feet, as evidenced when measuring up Felix and myself for socks - he's 8.5" circumference and I'm 9.5" circumference. On the length side though, his feet are huge!

My feet aren't exactly dainty, however, and that's why I'll be knitting my Funky Monkey socks for a while. I misread the pattern, which is why the leg is so long - I did 9 repeats instead of 6, and would have actually knitted 11 pattern repeats, had I not re-read the instructions. No biggy - I'll just have longer socks, is all. Hideous colours or not, I love them.

I also love my new Kitri kit. It arrived yesterday an I've been giddy with joy ever since. Look at it! The colour is so me, and the yarn is so soft and squishy and I want to pet it like a small kitty... I spent most of "Spicks and Specks" winding the skein off. I don't have a skein umbrella so Felix did the honours. I'm not starting them until next fortnight, because I want to finish some other projects first, namely the Funky Monkey socks and my curly purple scarf. I need to buy another skein to finish it, then I'll knit up some fingerless gloves in a plain 4-ply and add a cuff in the purple ruffle to match. And then I'll give it all away to a purple-loving wonderful lady named Joanna. She's a customer where I used to work and she's invited me to her birthday and I can't think of anything I'd rather do than spoil this lovely woman.

As a parting gift, look at my gift from the Yarn Fairy. It came with my Kitri kit, and I'm still stunned. I opened the bag and free yarn appeared. I knew sacrificing that goat was a good idea!

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Kim said...

Andrea, you've got some great projects going :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you've emailed me to join Stashalong then you will be added on July 1. I am only admitting new members on the first of each month :)

Happy knitting!