Friday, June 22, 2007

My feet hurt

A lot. I walked a lot today, mainly uphill, and eventually gave up. I ended up in my very thin stocking-like socks, in the rain. I need nice thick warm winter socks. Felix has a pair - the blue/silver cabled socks, and due to my need to experiment he now has this pair of rather odd toe-up socks. He chose to have them made in two colour ways - dark green and orange fleck - and who am I to disagree when requests are made (no matter how odd)? As you can see he loves them, which makes me rather happy as well.

However, this doesn't amend the major problem of my lack of decent socks. As you can see I'm doomed to wear nothing but bad socks with my toenails poking through holes. It was this hole in my favourite pair of knee high socks that upset me the most and made me decide to knit myself something nice. Due to outside influences (yes, Yarn Harlot, I mean you) I decided to knit up the "Monkey" socks from and they're a blast! I was on public transport for fours hours today and the time just flew thanks to the lace pattern. More importantly, I'm using yarn from my stash which gives me masses of room and an excuse to buy more yarn in the future. It's Patonyle and the colour is that garish. I suspect that the socks will need to be re-named "Cheeky Monkey" or "Funky Monkey" due to this colour. But at least I'll have hand-knitted socks for me.

They'll be dropped by the wayside this weekend as I need to knit a pair of fingerless gloves for my mum's best friend's birthday. Can you see how much fun/danger these gloves are bringing into my life?

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the stripey tiger said...

I hate the big toe hole in sock syndrome. I swap them from foot to foot, darn them and darn them over and over it drives me mad!! They end up just a wad of sewing on eth toes untill they're too uncomfortable to wear! lol :-) Stripey