Saturday, June 02, 2007

...knitting time doubly so

I decided that avoiding knitting is very easy – just decide to spend time blogging on all the things you’ve knitted when you didn’t have your camera, and voila! Another way you’re not knitting. Although after I post this I plan to get back to watching series one of “Life on Mars”. That show is just too much fun to not watch if you can.

Recent highpoints in knitting include this amazing Juliet cap, from Alterknits. The pattern seemed like a good chance to try beaded knitting, and having shaved my head in March to raise money for cancer research, I could finally wear a cap (long thick hair + Juliet cap = disaster. Ali McGraw lied to me!) and I liked this pattern. It was pretty easy – cables and lace insertion in the round with beading in the lace. Threading 100 beads on was a bit tiring, but the end result was well worth it.

After the cabling and beading, the pattern decreases were all done in stocking stitch, which I felt detracted from the beauty of the pattern itself. So, on a long and incredibly tiresome drive to Mirboo North with the parents, I started tinkering. I just continued the cable pattern upwards, decreasing the lace sections 1 stitch each alternate row. When it came time to decrease the cables, I took one stitch off each edge. I think I didn’t do too shabby a job after all.

The first Juliet cap was in preparation for this one – the über beaded cap. This pattern is from Knitty – Lacecap – and I wanted it for a special occasion. I threaded on about 180 pearls and let rip with an amazing 3ply unbleached silk from Queensland I bought during my degree for weaving with. It was a dream to work with, the patter was simple and all I did was add a pearl every sixth row. The decreasing was a lot harder than I expected, but all in all a welcome challenge. Unfortunately, I look awful in it. I appear to be wearing a very expensive bathing cap. I’m putting it aside until the hair grows.

I love these socks – I put them straight on as soon as I had taken the photo. They’re the Spa Socks from Knit 1, and I made them in aran cotton by Jo Sharp. Her new colours are driving me completely inane with yarn lust – hot pink’s, bright aqua’s, a really amazing turquoisey-emerald in the Silkroad. I don’t know what to buy next, darn her. These socks were knitted on 5mm double points and knitted up in about three days, including the entire right foot being knitting during "300", much to the annoyance of the man sitting opposite me on the aisle. I don't know why - I was looking at the film the whole time. It's called multi-tasking, mate.

Here’s a pic of my ultra gorgeous, completely divine, utterly perfect Rowan gloves. I still haven’t managed to buy the nacre buttons, but I’m hoping to grab some tomorrow from Elizabeth the Button Lady at Camberwell market. Just depends how early I can get breakfast over with. Can’t you just imagine how perfect these gloves will be with the buttons? When they’re finished, I think I shall actually swoon with delight. A real swoon.

At last, but never least, is the shrug, as promised. Pay careful note to the pattern as opposed to the person wearing it (I really do loathe photos) – I’m planning to make this in black and brown and red at some point. No really, I’ll have time. At some point. Eventually. Maybe after this year. I hope.

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