Thursday, June 14, 2007

Stash madness

I hate knitting sleeves – have I mentioned that yet? It would explain why I haven’t managed to knit more than 14 rows of them, wouldn’t it now...

Instead, I spent two days knitting a companion bunny to Rohan’s bear which was a present for my friend Michelle’s baby to be (a girl! Excellent! Loads of pink!), which I handed over without taking a single picture of it. Luckily I also promised to make one for Carly, so I’ll take pics of that one when it’s done. The left over angora from the rabbit’s ears is being made into booties, along with the new angora. There may have been some shopping. At Wondoflex. Oops.

Not to mention the Cleggs sale. Patons for $1 a ball. One teeny little dollar? Pffft. 25 balls later, and as you can see I’m storing it in an Ikea hanging thing. Not actually hanging it yet, but I shall attempt to do so soon. I also managed to buy Patonyle sock yarn for $1.95 a ball – 8 balls of grey/white/black for socks for Felix, and 6 balls of pink/white/orange for me. Stop laughing, I really will knit myself some socks at some point.

Especially now I’ve finished Felix’s cabled socks. They’re the same pattern as all of my previous bedsocks have been knitted in, but in a very lurid yarn – part wool, part lurex. I got many hugs – his first hand knit from me. I feel somewhat proud and highly relieved that they’re not awful. Thanks to these socks I think I could Kitchener Stitch with my eyes shut now.

The main reason for not too much knitting is the rearranging/tidying of the flat. We decided to move the bed into the lounge room where it will actually fit in and turn the bedroom into a workroom of sorts – knitting/sewing for me, writing/music for Felix. So as a result I’ve been tidying the stash again. This is what my "wool put aside for projects" box looked like before and after the left overs of stash were added; the Cleggs bag holds the 14 balls of Patonyle. As you can see from the next picture, there really wasn’t any room to fit anything else into the "I don’t really have that much wool" stash box, but I still anally tried to organise everything into plastic bags.

The sheer size has sent me into a bit of tizz and a mild blue mood. How did I end up with all of this stuff? What do I do with it all? Especially the bag of 22 balls of burnt orange slub cotton that isn’t even in the bags. I think it’s time to find a "use up your stash" blog group to hang out with. It’s always nice to find like minded junkies...

He really seems to like them...

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