Monday, June 18, 2007

Some of us LIKE sewing up...

Saturday I sat down to finish off the last 6 rows of my sleeves while watching Debbie Reynolds being chirpy in "How the West was Won". Sad really. But not as sad as my three needle cast off on the shoulders. It was perfect. I'd been knitting on 7mm, so I used my 10mm to do the cast off. It was neat, tidy and perfect. Oh, and I'd managed to do it on the wrong side of my work.

I put the "v" side of the stocking stitch together which was very very wrong, as the purl side of the stocking stitch was the right side, just to confuse me. So, I did the only thing one can do: laughed hysterically, falling on to the floor. Not because I was upset, but because I actually found it hilarious. So much concentration during the cast off, but no actual thought...

Good thing I love sewing up. I really do. I find it very relaxing, and it makes me so happy to know I'm almost finished. I used to be terrfied of setting in shoulders, but I promised Divine J to stop being so frightened and to try it. I did on my favourite cardigan ("Ella" from Rowan's "Vintage Knits") and I was amazed at how easily it worked for me. I suspect that I may be the idiot savant of setting sleeves, because they seem to set nicely when I'm sewing too. Weird really.

Anyway - voila! I have a brand new jumper, and I love it. It hugs my waist better than Felix (well, almost) and I'm wearing it tomorrow as I'm seeing my parents and I love showing off anything I've knitted to them. It just makes my day, especially when my mum starts up her mantra of "You're so clever!". She taught me everything I know of knitting, and I still think she's the best.

Oh, and to round off today I finished the back of the fair isle vest that I'm knitting out of stash scraps. It's beautiful, and now I almost want to finish it. Soon. After the rest of it. Maybe. The blue Patons is calling though.

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