Thursday, August 15, 2013

All for one, mostly for me

Bad luck comes in threes, according to tradition. So far we're up to two.

1. Felix generously shared his illness with me. It's not a cold, more of a bone ache lethargy. He's been home since Monday with it, so I'm a bit worried about how bad I'm going to feel in a few hours.

2. My visit to the dentist yesterday resulted in an ultimatum: root canal or extraction. Unsurprisingly, I'm going with extraction tomorrow. The one word you never want to hear from your dentist? Necrosis. Dr Les and I agreed that it's awful, but very interesting.

I'm fairly nervous about what number three is going to be now. So instead I shall sit on the couch and finish off the arms of Dot's cardigan, followed by the fingers of my Hands of Cerise glove. If I don't move, nothing bad can happen, right?


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SapphireBlue said...

I'm so sorry about the tooth. I hope the extraction goes well.