Friday, August 09, 2013

Just because you can...

Oh crochet, is  there no crime too heinous to commit?

A toilet seat cover?  A crime against granny square.  You couldn't make something like this look good...

...yet you keep trying.

The excuse for this is that you can use it to cover up your china plates.


Hell no.

I can't decide what's worse: crocheted harem pants or using a model with an eating disorder (One Teaspoon campaign,  and the model looks healthy in this shot compared to the others).

Catering to the whims of outdoors-y hookers we have a crochet pattern tent. I quite like this.

Knitters,  you can stop feeling too smug.

Knitted house #1.

Knitted house #2. Anyone else surprised at the word "Waldorf" being involved?

Now,  whilst I do mock these works I must add a caveat: if you couldn't make it,  no teasing.   People spend hours making works of art and it's not our place to mock the medium they use.

However I could make these but choose not to, so I'm allowed to be horrible (and I am  I know).

But sometimes it really is like shooting fish in a barrel.

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SapphireBlue said...

Ewwww! Toilet seat cover. My boy would pee all over that.