Friday, August 23, 2013


It's been a fairly calm week. Lots of Mersyndol to get through the day as my gum/jaw/phantom tooth hurts quite a bit, especially if the wind blows on my face and in Melbourne that's happening a lot. My da's We've picked up the trampoline a few times this week and I'm worried it will end up on top of our neighbor's garage at this rate.

Hiding indoors from winter winds has paid off knitting-wise as we took Dot off to a doctor's appointment on Tuesday in her new cardigan. This was a really easy knit. The pattern is one body piece with raglan sleeves attached and a band with a single button. The pattern is a 4 row repeat and once you're past that it's all sweet sweet stocking stitch.

I was actually knitting this at the movies the other week ("At World's End" - absolutely hysterical), which is another reason I love stocking stitch. It's so easy to do while you're doing something else like watching a movie or talking on the phone, or walking on treadmill. I like combining them all at once.

Miss Dorothy loved her new cardigan, which she wore with her new dress that her Mummy made her as well. She's been too sick to dress is anything other than pj's lately so we dolled her all up for her appointment, making sure we all had some nice woolies on.

I do have the most knitted for family that I know of. I was wearing my West Wing jumper, and Felix was all cozy in his Cobblestone. Dot was all fine, by the way, nothing wrong with her, which relieved us greatly. She's advancing in leaps and bounds, especially in speech. She has her favorite words like "bubble" and "flower" but it's her new favourite that keeps cracking us up.

"Naughty". Everything is naughty. Especially her.

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SapphireBlue said...

Very pretty sweater. The baby is so adorable.