Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Luckier numbers

Back at the end of May I posted my knitting triage list. The plan was to clear out my WIP's to a more manageable number than thirteen.

So, here's my current list:

1. Brick doorstop: I need to add some more embroidery to this to make it the same depth as the bricks. However, I'm currently sick of the sight of this so it's on hold until September 1st. Status: 90%.

2.  Marcus' orange jumper: still waiting on the yarn to finish this... Status: 60%.

3. Marcus' granny square blanket: oops. It's still under my bed. Status: 40%.

4. Egeblad doily: I've been avoiding finishing this for a few weeks. I'm thinking a good hard push on this over the next two weeks. Status:  85%.

5. Dot's aran cardigan: I'm halfway through the sleeves, and then I need to add them to the cardigan and add a HUGE border. This is tv knitting, so no big hurry. Status: 75%.

6. Hands of Cerise: my knit-a-long project with Chantal. I'm almost finished the fingers on the left hand, and Chantal hasn't picked her yarn yet! Really no big hurry! Status: 45%.

Six projects is pretty good, especially as I'll get the last three finished in the next fortnight, easily. So long as the laundry pile doesn't get any bigger. I'd better get on to the housework for the next day or so!

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SapphireBlue said...

I like the status update. I should do that.