Thursday, August 01, 2013

Pinch and a punch

I had a goal for the 1st of August: get down to two projects only, Marcus' granny square blanket and his orange jumper. I didn't succeed,  but by gum it was a close'n!

Marcus' too-big jacket is ready to sew up and put aside for next year. Possibly the year after.

Egeblad is currently on row 69 of 87, but each row takes twenty minutes. I might be able to kill it off by the weekend.  I can't wait to pin it out, I love blocking lace.

Being me I don't face August with only two projects.  Chantal and I need a new joint project and while we're waiting for our Blue Moon Fiber order to arrive we started "Hands of Blue" by Lucy Hague. I'm renaming mine "Hands of Cerise" and I'm using ancient Villawool that came in my gift box from my awesome m-i-l.

Then I found some 50/50 wool/acrylic in the box and started up a cardigan for Dot.  The first aid box is due to two snotty kidlets,  poor things.

Secretly, I really feel it's "Poor Mummy"...


SapphireBlue said...

It looks like you have some really good projects going. I can't seem to do lace, especially since the 2 1/2 year old interrupts my counting.

Andrea said...

I reserve all lace work for night times when the kidlets are asleep. Dot loves pulling needles out of my work, and if I lost this doily I'd cry!