Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 3 of HOT weather

On Monday and Tuesday I braved the elements to go off and work in the evening, at my Weight Watchers job. It was ridiculously hot and I whimpered a lot. While we were packing up I was talking to two members about how I was knitting up Joannah's wedding bouquet of roses and crocheting love hearts for the decorations, which are going to look wonderful.

"You must love showing it off, then." I laughed off the comment, but it grated. I've been thinking on it for the last few days and now I'm ready to think it out loud.

I don't make things to show off. I don't go "over the top", I make an effort*.  If I make something it's because I like to make things, and I think it will make other people happy. If your response to my creation is that I'm showing off (which most people would never say out loud) I think you might be projecting your own issues a little. If what I made makes even one person happy, then I've succeeded in what I wanted to do.

I'm making roses for Joannah's wedding bouquet because I'm brilliant at it and it makes her giddily happy. At least I think it's giddily happy, because she got fairly squealy when I made this first one.

* This does not include my children's birthday parties. They are over the top. Shamelessly, ridiculously over the top.


Sonia said...

Blah! what a comment! Maybe the heat fried her brain? Can't wait to see the completed bouquet.

SapphireBlue said...

I really like the roses.