Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Life's little speed humps

I love it when I'm motoring along, getting my life in order. You know the sort of thing: housework done by 10am, planned projects coming together, debts paid off and good times to be had. Life goes well.

Then there's a speed hump.

It doesn't have to be anything major. A spell of hot weather that keeps us all indoors, or a parking fine that was forgotten, or everything happening at once and no matter how many lists you write out there really aren't 27 hours in a day.

Last weekend was when it all started catching up with me. I had work on Saturday morning, followed by a trip to Wondoflex for yarn, and then the freeway had an accident so I managed to get off on the next ramp but got home later that expected. I got changed and went off to work, only to find I was working until 5:30. I got home, we had dinner, put Marcus to bed and I went off to grab all the ingredients for the Australia Day BBQ. I stayed up until stupid o'clock making an Iced Vovo Tart (never again - far too sweet for me) and painting the Australian flag on my toenails (really) and went off to bed.

Sunday was BUSY. I got up and made cupcakes for the bbq, followed by the traditional pavlova, this time in the shape of Australia. We arrived late (not that late but late enough) and had a lovely time. Well, until Dot cracked it and I had to take her for a drive/sleep. We got back in time for dessert - huzzah! - but we left shortly afterwards. Marcus had an absolute ball being in the middle of the big kid's water fights and his big cousin Connor took fantastic care of him even while attacking everyone else with a supersoaker. Unsurprisingly, the kids went down early, leaving the grown ups with the dishes. I really dislike being the grown up sometimes.

Monday started off brilliantly. We tidied stuff up, planned our day, and I mowed the front and back lawns. We drove to the local tip to get rid of a bunch of cardboard. We came home and Dot went to bed. I did a Masters run and bought us a new printer as well. That's when it all went wrong.

Felix and I were sorting out the printer in the back room when there was a "thunk" followed by a scream, the kind that doesn't stop. I ran into the lounge room and Marcus was screaming with blood pouring out of his head. I freaked out, understandably, and Felix rang an ambulance. It's a nasty cut just next to his right eyebrow, so it bleed terribly. I'm just thanking God a lot that his eye is fine.The lovely LOVELY ambulance officers were wonderful and we all agreed that his daddy could take him to the hospital instead. The screams had woken Dot up, so I stayed at home worrying to death with her. Eventually Felix called and let me know it was all fine and they were coming home and could I make sure there was some ice cream ready?

Our poor little boy. He's a bit confused about the pain in his head but we think he'll be fine. As for our new grey hairs... they are many and hard earned.

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SapphireBlue said...

Oh my gosh! I'm glad he's okay!