Thursday, January 02, 2014

Everything's coming up roses

We came back from a Christmas visit to Port Macquarie on Monday, with approximately 3000 Butter Menthol wrappers in the car door pockets. I'd had a sore throat in the week before we left, but by Christmas I sounded like a barking seal, and my lungs vibrated each time I coughed. End result is that I'm sick, but going to my doctor on New Years Eve or New Years Day was out if the question. After last night's coughing fit Felix decided I needed a day off.

I got out of bed about three quarters of an hour ago and now I'm lying on our very comfy couch in very slobby clothes and I'm knitting roses. My darling Joannah is to be wed in March and I have the great honour of knitting up her wedding bouquet, full of beautiful red roses.

Trust me, this does turn into a rose.


Joex Cane said...

Your darling Joannah is also lying on a couch feeling wretched!! I'm giving it one more day til I hit the dr...

SapphireBlue said...

Oh, no! I'm sorry you were sick during your holiday. Get well soon!!