Thursday, January 09, 2014

Throwback Thursday

My darling Joannah has atrocious taste in knitting books. As in, going out and finding the most terrible, tacky, over-the-top 60/70/80's knitting books she can discover at op shops. Then she gives them to me. Because I love them.

That means I'm the one with the atrocious taste, not to mention a plethora of tacky/vintage/insane knitting and crochet books. And pamphlets. And leaflets. And things cut out of newspapers. So from now on I'll share them with you all every Thursday and even have copies to download (Only the ones out of copyright. I like not being sued.).

Today brings the glorious epistle "Knit Me A Rainbow" by Ye Goode Olde Family Circle. Ahhhh, Family Circle. I miss you. Especially the stories about Selby, the world's only talking dog. And Cocky's Circle Club.* As you can see by the cover, this book was printed in the 80's. Now, when it comes to knitting books it's great to make fun of things. In the 60's books it's the models terrible poses. In the 70's books it's the flares and the men's moustaches. But the 80's? Hair and makeup. Soooooooooo bad.

Look at this bowl cut. Mummy obviously foresaw a future where this photo would not get her child mercilessly teased. Mummy was an idiot.

Awwwww, crimping! Who didn't love the crimper in the 80's? My own sister Leah had one in high rotation in 1985. It doesn't help that the poor model/victim is posing in the most fluffy mohair jumper. With an off-centre hairband.

Oh, so much to say. I can't. It's just too cruel.

Lest you think I'm being mean and just picking on these poor children I present to you a blonde version of me on the right. Picture her with brown hair and it's me at 12. Especially the head scarf. Except mine would have had a HUGE bow.

Once you move on to the pictures without models you can concentrate on the jumpers more. This one isn't bad, per se, just needs a different collar, less 80's sleeves etc. I like the idea of it in cream.

If this was in a different colourway I might make it for Dot. I loathe pink with a passion, but I like this effect. I'd have the button bands the same colour as the jumper, though. Ditto the collar.

Cables. I am a sucker for cables. On little boys it just looks perfect. I really am quite old fashioned sometimes. The pattern used Patons Herdwick, which is one of the itchiest yarns available. Knits up sloppily but washes like a dishrag, again proving that you can't have it all in yarn.

Final opinion? One or two possibilities, but generally worth it for the laughs!

*Kingfisher 294

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SapphireBlue said...

Gah!! That's hilarious. I love the hair, the colors, the cheesy poses. It's all great!