Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Anniversary Overdose

Today is the one year anniversary of my first post, hence cake. (I love cake, but only sometimes. Depends on my mood.) My life has gone through some major changes in the year, but I am happy to notice that no matter what I kept knitting. I've made 32 items since I started - more than one a fortnight. I'm actually quite surprised!

Does it make up for my current mental fogginess? Nope. Just look at these pearls of stupidity:

My attempt at a Fair Isle Christmas Ball. It needs to be wrapped around a polystyrene ball. I bought the size my knitting should fit. Does that look right to anyone? Even were I to stretch it, I'll still be out by an inch.

Plan is to make the deer pattern piece at 77 stitches instead of this pattern's 66 stitches. That'll fit this ball, and I'll buy another ball, but smaller (waste not, want not). I started this ball on Sunday and finished it last night, due to a yarn scramble: "I must have some more somewhere!". In actual fact, the knitting took about three hours. A fast cheap Christmas present. I like starting early.

Then there were the socks. I use the Interweave toe up pattern, and usually, they work. I add an afterthought heel, Felix wears them. All is well. They're huge. I need to knit it at the 5 stitch to the inch tension, not the 6. On the other hand, knitting with two balls of self striping Patonyle at once is really fun.

I'm finishing my surprise project today, because it needs severe blocking, and as I've never done that before, I may be some time...


Donna said...

Happy Blogiversary!

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Lynne said...

Happy blogiversary!
Who are you on ravelry? :-)