Saturday, August 11, 2007

Knitting afternoon

Why on earth would anyone want to come to a knitting afternoon at my place?

'nuff said.

Earliest arrival was - unsurprisingly - my mum, who produced a pattern from the depth of the 80's and proclaimed that once she wore it it would cease to be hideous. I doubt it - the blouson sleeves say otherwise - but she can dream.

Sam arrived but declined to knit. He drank tea, ate scones, conversed wittily and vamoosed, but luckily by then Chantal had arrived.

She's currently knitting a cute little cardi for her equally cute nephew Connor and just zoomed through the darn thing. I was mightily jealous for my knitting skills weren't really utilised to there best advantage (There were scones, people! You can't knit and eat scones!).

Also, yes, that is my bed behind her. In the lounge room. I turned the bedroom into a workroom. My flat is big enough for me to do this. And I'm on St Kilda Rd. This is what you get if you sacrifice enough goats.

Chantal is also on my "favouritest person ever" list leader for this present: 986g of 4ply undyed alpaca. From Peru. She backpacked with this. The girl is a god. This is why she gets the knitting chocolate:

Current plan is to make this jumper, unless I can be talked out of it.

Kitri sock results from Day 7: 4 lace repeats done. I'm heading off to my sister's birthday lunch, so hopefully 2 hours of travelling will equal another two rounds.

I really love this sock.

Best news of all: welcome to the world little teeny perfect Alicia Aleisha Alisha Alesha. As some point you'll get a middle name and the rest of your knitted presents, I swear.

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Donna said...

How are you finding the sizing of the Kitri sock? I have the kit in the stash, but I have tree trunk ankles, and I'm afraid they'll be too small!!

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