Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In a galaxy far far away...

...lives my family. I live in the suburb of Melbourne, 3004. They live in various areas in and around Boronia: Croydon, Mooroolbark and Wonga Park. When it's time to visit for birthdays, I have a long way to go.

This is what you get when you catch public transport to Croydon - two rows knitted of the lace pattern on your socks (Day 8's efforts). I would have been happier had a few stitches not fallen off the end of a double point as I ran for the bus. Luckily I arrived at lunch shortly afterwards - early - so a glass of cab merlot and I felt brave enough to fix it all up.

Today I plan to finish the last round needed and then tomorrow I can start on the heel.

Last night I was rumaging around in the MagKnits archive when I came across a name I thought sounded familiar: Stefanie Japel. Once I looked at the pattern I realised I was a moron (who swears off cheap cab merlot forever) - if you don't know who Stefanie is head on over to Glampyre Knits. I warn, you won't come out in a hurry.

The pattern I liked was "Ubernatural", a short but easy cardigan I could knit up quickly in my stash of Jo Sharp Silkroad Ultra, so I started that last night.

I'm ripping it out and reknitting it on my 15mm needles (it's currently on 10mm) for two simple reasons:

1. It'll grow faster.
2. I own a 15mm circular which will help when the sleeves are separated. I'll be making it in stripes of the colours shown. I like strips, even though horizontal ones make me look huge.

I care not.

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