Friday, August 03, 2007

Born from an egg on a mountaintop!

I finished them. I have my very first pair of hand knitted socks.

Felix said this is just a phase. He'll learn. Especially when I don't take them off for a month.


Archiknist said...

I feel that way about my handknit socks too--somehow it's unbelievably satisfying to put them on and wiggle my toes. And where is the pattern from the pears (in the previous post) from?

(Thanks for visiting my blog!)

Andrea said...

Hey there! The pears pattern is from the Interweave Knits Gifts edition, and I'll be throwing them back in the wash today - they'd better felt or else!

(And you have no idea how thrilled I am to have the creator of "Grecian Plait" comment on my blog. I think I just died and went to a happy place...)