Monday, August 20, 2007

Flotsam, jetsam and yarn

Chantal and I took over a table at Blue Train yesterday in order to assuage the damage following a pattern can take. This pattern - the Designer is Blameless - had some wonderful mistakes features.

Such as the ability to add four stitches in a mere three paragraphs - "Pick up 22 stitches from holder" when the previous instruction left you with 18. Oh, and someone knitting a cardigan for the first time does get nervous when they finish the sleeve and the pattern neglects the brilliant hint "Cast off". Seriously.

There had been some wild panicking, but a plate of dips, jaffa cake and two and a half hours of giggling later and all is well.

As for my knitting, I have been flat out working on something I can't show yet - it's a surprise. I've been hard at it since Friday, even though I spent a lot of Saturday night watching Felix kill, maim and destroy various things in "Zelda - Twighlight Princess" (He has his fun, I have mine). He was wearing his brand new black socks I finally finished, and trés spiffy they looked too. Plain toe up, with a twisted rib at the top.

I came across an old favourite quote of mine on the weekend, so I though I'd share it. Virginia Woolf - "Knitting is the saving of life." VW was a prolific knitter, and I love this painting by her sister, Vanessa. When I told Chantal the quote, pointing out that the knitting only worked until VW filled her coat with stones and went walking into a river, Chantal's comment was "Well, she'd probably run out of stash..."

Sage words, all. Stock up now.

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