Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The restoration of normality

To me, normality is a state of stress. I never really relax, I always have "just one more" thing to do, cook, sew and especially knit.

I've finished the Horcrux socks in only two days. Time to kick back? Oh, no.

I have a party to attend this Saturday night. Can't wait. I have a great summery dress to wear but it'll be cold. Plan? Knit a Cloud Bolero by Saturday night (ignore the sample pic; mine will be prettier, I promise).

Not a problem. Oh, and now I have a new job I can knit during my lunch break. Better cast on the Jo Sharp Stockings from Knit issue 3.

Felix really needs some new socks. Better make some more.

Oh no! I almost forgot my Kitri socks! Better keep going on them too.

Know this: if I ever stop knitting in my life, check for a pulse.

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