Monday, August 27, 2007


It may appear that I've deserted my blog due to my new found addiction to Ravelry. Not so! It was a combination of events:

1. I signed up to Ravelry - under the username "Andrea".
2. I went out to a drunken orgy dinner on Friday.
3. I borrowed a huge stash of dvd's on Saturday.

Ravelry is addictive. I now know I need a better digital camera. But here's what I've managed in the last few days (as viewed through the old digital camera).

It's finished. Da's hot water bottle cover (pattern - Jaeger JB22) is all done and ready to hand over on Father's Day. He will love it or I shall lose my temper rather badly.

This pic is because I know what knitters are like. Behold! The inside of my Fair Isle!

On Saturday afternoon I finished the first of my Kitri socks - well, the sock part at least. I plan to make both of the socks in full before I add the lace cuffs. I fear that if I do otherwise, they'll never be finished. Framed, yes. Finished, no.

The sock fits like a dream. My foot is 9.5" in circumference at the ball of my foot - ergo WIDE LOAD - yet the sock fits perfectly. The part that surprised me the most was that even though I take a size 9.5 I only needed to knit 6 repeats on the foot, not 7.

On Thursday night I managed to burn myself in the oven shelf twice, so I slammed dinner down, wandered to the interweb and printed off this pattern for an oven mitt.

It used up a lot of Jo Sharp DK cotton, but it only took an hour to knit up each one and I adore them. No more burn marks!

(NB: Whenever I burn myself I get a burn mark that heals withing three days. Felix claims I have mutant healing powers. Probably why he likes me... *looks up at Felix's Ultimate X-Men collection*)

My Ravelry addiction did give me some help, however. I planned to make my Horcrux Socks from my all natural alpaca, but it turns out I only have 220 yards, and the pattern requires 250. So I started them on Saturday night while watching all of series 1 "Spaced" on the couch using my Jo Sharp Silkroad DK in "Cocoa", leftover from my brown jumper. They are a really fast knit (sock one finished already) and just a great pattern. I highly recommend this one.

Today's plan is to finish my Horcux Socks so I can start wandering around the house in them (maybe cast on a second pair because I have enough wool), wash all of the handknit socks lying around (too many) and tidy like crazy. You want to know why? I'm employed again! Training starts tomorrow, so my knitting time will be severely cut into (bright side is Felix has to wash the dishes now). Hopefully, I'll end up on nightshift and be able to knit all day. If not, I'll still knit, darnit!

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Donna said...

*Love* Kitri! And now that I know they'll fit, I can look forward to actually knitting up that kit :)

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