Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blanket Week - Day Eight?!

How has it been eight days already?!? How can I still be working on it?!? *sigh* I feel like breaking into a chorus of "This is the knit that never eeeeeeeends...It just goes on and on my friends.......". Ahem.

Progress has been made, as you can see. I'm now on the last row of the border with naught but dreaded entrelac triangles to finish the piece off. It was pointed out to me by Sonia that I have a slight advantage in that I can purl backwards, so I won't necessarily be turning my work constantly. This aside, it's going to take forever!!!

Last night I headed off to the Richmond knitters group which consisted mainly of catching up with everyone that I hadn't seen since last September, so as you can imagine I had a fantastic time and resisted stealing everyone's Bendigo purchases, but barely. I started working on a new project which I also finished before bed last night. It's currently blocking nearby.

New plan for avoiding mentioning the blanket: I've got a few finished projects that I haven't shown off, so from now on it's showing off time. Starting tomorrow, it's FO's all the way!


sapphireblue said...

I, as well, have a monster project that seems like it will never end. We should have a support group.

Lynne S of Oz said...

I read WEEK eight, not DAY eight! At least it isn't week 8!
I'm jealous of people going to the Bendi show. lol having seen a couple of US ones now, I have a better idea of what makes them good.

Sonia said...

I loved our catch-up! And you are looking so very well! Come again soon…