Monday, July 06, 2009

Blanket? What blanket?

I need to sit down for a week and work on nothing but my baby Alphabet Blanket as I previously mentioned, but not this week. This week is mental.

Today involves a bit of driving around, Tuesday is babysitting my niece and nephew (who are perfect), Wednesday is a day with my mum finishing off curtains and make another one to hang in my workroom/entrance, Thursday is niece/nephew/Mum trip to the greatest place on earth a.k.a Ikea in Richmond and Friday is... actually, I don't know what Friday is, but mental it shall be.

You just can't work non-stop on a blanket with tea breaks on that kind of a schedule. Hence a new project: socks for Da.

He's been feeling a little hurt that my mum has been getting all the socks while he misses out, so I decided to start a pair for him to wear to golf. Da loves his St Kilda (AFL team) so when I saw this last lonely label-less ball of Opal Ladybird at Wondoflex I grabbed it.

I've started off in 2.75mm needles but it feels all wrong. I think I might have to change to 2.5mm and restart, which is annoying. I really do want to finish off my blanket next week, unrealistic as that sounds...

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Gidgetknits said...

Only one problem with mens' socks - they're so big! My father has two handknit pairs now, but I'm convinced he'll have to knit his third himself!