Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blanket Week - Day One

My stash partner-in-crime/future godmother of my boitjie Chantal asked me what Blanket Week is, so I'll do my best to explain.

I am sick to death of my Alphabet Blanket. Really intensely nauseous at the sight of it. Now, this leaves me with three options.

1. Cover it with kerosene and set it on fire.
2. Hide it in a bag among the rest of my U.F.O's and pray no-one ever asks where it went.
3. Suck it up and finish the remaining 56 rows of the body of it and then slug out the border as well, but as quickly as possible so I don't look at options 1 & 2 longingly.

Today I started on Row 203 of the main part of the blanket and I just finished Row 218. Normally I could knit a LOT more than 16 rows, but my mum came over this morning and helped me make a set of curtains for my kitchen, and that took up a huge chunk of time.

Completely worth it though.

So, in the end I didn't start until 3:00pm and I've also been cooking a bit - little ginger cakes anyone?

Felix will probably eat them in two bites.

Tomorrow I plan to finish the body of the blanket. That's another 40 rows. I will either:

A. Romp it in with hours to spare;
B. Get cramp in my hand and give up completely; or
C. Give up and re-read "The Winter Queen" by Boris Akunin.

It's hard to try and guess which way I'll go...


Sonia said...

You brave soul. I have a blanket just like that, in need of a 'blanket week' or more likely a 'blanket month'

Bells said...

this is a great plan! Seriously targetting the bastard and getting on with it is the only sure fire way to make it happen. I bet you romp it in.

And little ginger cakes? Oh man.