Monday, July 27, 2009

Finished Objects 2009 - #6 and #7

My entire weekend disappeared into a vortex of family and cooking, for I finally had my way and had a Christmas in July.

We had a nicely set table.

We had food. Waaaaaaaaaay to much food.

We had a tree with presents.

Whose presents? Well, those would be for my parents, who were the guests of honour.

My mum's present was the Endpaper Mitts she very unsubtly asked for. As in, "Oh that's a nice pattern. What colour are you making mine in?" They fit skintight, as expected and she loves them.

Da got his socks (excuse the photo - a blurry hell vortex opened up as I was taking these shots). To say he loves them is an understatement. He now has golf socks. In St Kilda colours.

With different toes. Which he knew straight away, before he even looked.

Has anyone been telling my da what's on my blog?

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Neurangel said...

Wasn't me!! lol! He just knows his knitting :) And the place looked awesome