Saturday, July 11, 2009

Made of win

Look at this toe, just look at it!

See? I made it for my da's right foot. He can't wear this on his left ever, so from now on he'll have to look extra carefully before he puts his socks on. I just love it.

The pattern for this anatomically correct toe comes from Under Dutch Skies, whose debt I shall forever be in. On the other hand, my mum has really pointy toes that fit the usual toe instructions perfectly.

Sometimes I think she's a mutant.

On the second sock, not as much progress as I'd like. I spent today working my fingers ragged, but tonight the boitjie ("little boy" in Afrikaans) decided a full-on kickboxing championship was called for so all of my energy was invested in not screaming.

Ah, mother-love... When he gets here, he's grounded til he's 23.


Leonie said...

And when he decides your bladder is a trampoline and sends you flying to the toilet every two minutes for two drips??? What will his punishment be then?

Andrea said...

Easy - no X-Box!

Neurangel said...

Hell no!! My godson isn't having an X-Box!! He'll be a Nintendo fanboy all the way!