Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I'd call this "Sock it to me!" but I have a sense of humour

Well, I've managed to amaze myself with my sock knitting today. Take a look at the needle poked through the sock.

That's where I started this morning. I've finished the sock leg, the heel flap, turned the heel and started the gusset decreasing. I'm in a state of awe at myself, and I'm my biggest critic. Tomorrow my mum is coming over and we're sewing all day so I doubt I'll get anything knitted, so the awe will end, thankfully.

My niece was just happy that I was knitting in St Kilda colours - try being non-AFL-affiliated in Melbourne. People just stare at you like a freak. Good thing I've been used to it for years!


sapphireblue said...

Amazing progress. Now if I only had the attention span for that kind of progress.

Neurangel said...

For someone who claims to not like sock knitting very much you are flying through those! And are those cables I see going up the side of the leg?

Neurangel said...

Oh and say hi to your mum for me!

Andrea said...

I had to add cables! The monotony of going around and around and around for days would have driven me insane!