Sunday, July 19, 2009

Five Reasons Why I Love Being a Yarn-Widower

Felix, here, guest-blogging for Andrea, who has taken to bed early suffering from severe yarn-fatigue. She has assured me she'll regale you all with tales of the Bendigo Wool and Sheep Show tomorrow.

Andrea and I have been married for nearly two-and-a-third years now, and like many husbands, I have come to embrace her calling as a knitter. In fact, there are many reasons to love being a yarn-widower, as it were. Here are just a few.

1. She's perfectly happy sitting on the couch for hours on end while I play Oblivion on the X-Box 360. In fact, she even pops her head up occasionally to remind me to save, which is invaluable in itself.

2. I get a lot of funky stuff to wear. Just last Friday I was wearing three separate articles of knitted clothing: my cobblestone jumper, my pair of mismatched green-and-orange socks, and what I like to call 'the forest beanie'.

3. She will entertain any notion I put into her head about future projects. The one that springs to mind most recently is the devious scheme to knit matching Ernie jumpers for myself and the little one.

4. Whenever we go to the movies, she always brings along knitting. This means that, as well as the possibility of more socks or beanies, I also get the lion's share of the popcorn :)

5. Even in the madness of the Bendigo Wool Show, she still found something to buy especially for me:

Sorry about the picture quality, I'm not too good with the digitimal camera. But it's green and orange, my two favourite colours; and when Andrea saw it, she grabbed it and refused to let it go, forcing the stall-vendor into guessing the price.

I love you, Andrea. *mwah*


Leonie said...

Oh Felix, you are a lovely guest blogger! Such a lucky man too!

Neurangel said...

She really wouldn't let it go!! She chased off one of the stall owners, lol! And it really is perfect :) And you made a very lovely guest blog

Bells said...

Once they're converted properly to Knit-Widowerhood, they're quite happy, these boys, aren't they?

Sonia said...

Felix, you are a very wise man indeed! It was lovely to hear your side of things!