Friday, July 10, 2009

A knitting day, but not mine

Today was spent in the company of two very delightful knitters, my nieces Ashlee and Kirsten. Now, Ashlee first learned to knit when she was 7 but hadn't learned purl until today. Seeing as she's now 13 I decided it was about time to teach her. That way she can knit some really great stuff for the baby as well (is it child labour if they're family?).

Being a very bright girl, she picked it up with no fear and actually enjoyed it! The best part is that Ashlee has a very tight tension on garter stitch, but as she added purl in she loosened up. Amazing to watch.

Kirsten is 10 and the queen of finger knitting. QUEEN. She didn't think she could learn to knit but the phrase "like a duck to water" comes to mind. She worked it out in about two seconds and was soon zooming along with a garter stitch rectangle which she made into a bag for her doll.

The trick to someone like Kirsten learning is to ensure that she can't can't talk while knitting, because when she does the next words are sure to be "Aunt Andrea, I think I made a mistake!".

Ashlee's stocking stitch strip was a scarf for her doll, and the end of a two year "I'm not knitting 8 stitches for 60cm" drama. Personally I don't blame her - my idea of a scarf is cast on 450 sts and knit 6 rows!

I'm so proud of the two of them, and I'm glad that they'll have something to use when they hit the evil teen years. According to my mother the only time I was calm and nice was when I was knitting or doing some embroidery, and the same holds now. Why do you think I knit all the time?

As for my sock, I was concentrating on my nieces so much I barely got a stitch done. I think I can finish the first sock off by tonight, which leaves the weekend for the second. That's if Ashlee and Kirsten don't drop by to learn some more...

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Gidgetknits said...

That's the reason I knit too! It keeps me nice and calm. Isn't it great passing on the skills, though? I break into a Dance of Joy whenever someone asks to learn!