Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Told ya

My mum came over today to help me with some curtains and - more likely - to keep an eye on me. She also spent too much money on me again, and we were forced to go shopping. Darn.

The curtains look pretty cute, though.

The end result of this parental interlude, however, is a a complete lack of knitting. Well, not complete.

I've finished the gusset decreasing and then it's home free for the feet. Tomorrow is Ikea-ing with my niece (10), nephew (7) and my mum (eternally 24). I'm designated driver, so I can't knit in traffic, but I might try to squeeze in a few rows as we wander around. Here's hoping.


ash*moz said...

hey aunt andrea hope you like our blog and check out aswell; it is ally, isabelle, kirsten's and mine.

love you, love ash xoxoxoxox

*Aussie Chicks* said...

hey check out our new blog!!!

love you xoxoxoxooxoxoxo

*Aussie Chicks* said...

love ashlee and kirsten