Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blanket Week - Day Three

"And lo, joy rang out over the home of Andrea..."

In other words, I finished the body of the blanket. All 258 rows are now done. Which leads to the next fascinating dilemma: the border.

You see, I like knitting in the round. The less purl, the better. The pattern suggests knitting the top border, then the bottom, then each side. "Bah!" I cried. "I'll just knit them all in the round! Join 'em up all purty like and go for it!" As always, there is a slight flaw in the plan. The sides need to be picked up knitwise and then a plain purl row before the border starts. Hrm. Thinking caps on.

Here's the plan:

Knit the first row of the border along the top, pick up the side, purl back, knit the first row of the border along the side. Then knit the first row of the border along the bottom, pick up the next side, purl back and knit the first row of the border along the second side. This plan was devised by Judith and I today.

Sometimes we're so clever it's almost sickening.

Then genius struck again! (I know, I can't believe it either.) Judith suggested Knit Pro/Knit Picks cables. That way, I put the Knit Pro cables on three sides with the stoppers on them, and knit the other side with the Knit Pro 3.25 tips. Judith also admitted that she plans to sell off all her bamboo needles to buy Knit Pro only. I think the phrase "the knitting needles God would use" may have been used to describe them.

Only one thing to do then, and that was head off to Morris and Sons in the city, thereby meeting Felix at the same time. I thought he'd be fine downstairs at Dymocks while I did a leetle shopping upstairs. Then I saw the wall of 2ply merino.

I called Judith to tell how evil she was for recommending the store. Then I called Felix and asked him to come upstairs and take the credit card away from me. I think he thought I was joking, but when he arrived and I started dragging him from wall to wall showing him each yarn I wanted, he took the card off me. The sod...

So I made it out alive with only some nice shiny new Knit Pro equipment. I love the way they work - common sense knitting.

See? Some progress finally!

PS: Hey Bells!

They look even better when they're iced :)

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