Friday, July 03, 2009

See? YOU get it...

I love and adore my husband. He's sweet, funny, brilliant and if you were to meet him, you'd like him straight away, because everyone does. My mum likes him.

However, while he does appreciate the knitting that I do for him, there comes a time when he doesn't get it. When I start rhapsodising about a new cast on or a stitch pattern or anything the Yarn Harlot writes I get the feeling he's secretly thinking about something to do with Oblivion when he nods and says "Yeah, that's great babe..."

This is why I have a knitting blog. Because when I show you a tubular cast on I love:

Or a kitchener cast off that makes me want to lie down and whimper from overwhelming joy:

You understand. You just get it.

Bless the interwebs.

1 comment:

Neurangel said...

I love it!! Great cast on! and you know that now I'm gonna bug you to show it to me, lol!! And good on you for keeping up the daily blog post!